With statistics such as worldwide employee engagement being as low as 13%, in Australia & New Zealand marginally better at 24% with 60% not engaged and 16% actively disengaged, leadership is an issue. 

As an influential leader of a 'great place to work' I am inviting you to a conversation to share your story, your experience and leadership insights toward improving the quality of leadership in the workplace.  To inform those who seek to learn and develop as leaders in an environment in much need of leadership guidance and development.

The interview will be recorded (audio) for publication as a podcast, it will also be used to create a feature article for “The Leadership Project” digital magazine with excerpts on the website/blog

Below is some additional information about the project, including background, the 'why' of the leadership Project and additional information about the distribution channels 

To advise your response please reply to the email or call me on the number supplied in the email containing the link to this invitation.

With personal experiences, conversations with peers in my professional network and some introspection, the question of where are the great leaders in Australia hit me.  The leaders you hear about in books, articles and case studies where companies offer flexibility, trust their employees rather than policies at the lowest common denominator of industrial age factory worker mentality.  Leaders who lead via shared values, authenticity and accountability.  This initial question of where are these workplaces and who are their leaders led me to the BRW Best Places to work compiled by “Great Place to Work Institute”.  The idea is to reach out to these leaders and conduct interviews compiling their stories, insights, lessons and advice and share what is discussed via audio podcast, a digital magazine and via a website/blog.   This was partly motivated by wishing to meaningfully connect with great leaders and to provide a service to a wider audience to have what is discussed and learned available for others interested in leadership to consume, learn and apply.

At the Leadership Project we believe:

  • that being a great place to work needs to be an aspiration for every business with the responsibility firmly resting on its leaders.

  • that people are the greatest asset of a business.

  • how people are treated is reflected in the passion, commitment, and trust the people experience and bring to the company.  

  • that bottom line success is greater at workplaces where "Real Leadership" is demonstrated by shared values including authenticity, trust, shared vision, and flexibility.  

  • leaders are people and relationship enablers, where contribution is acknowledged and rewarded, where people have meaning in their work. 


The Leadership Project publishes the full interviews conducted with the leaders identified as a Podcast.  It can be found on iTunes by clicking the following link/image:

A podcast is a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, typically available as a series, new instalments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.

Why a podcast?  A podcast is a medium rapidly growing in popularity particularly with the target audience of 25 – 45 year olds.  A podcast lends itself to an interview series with a common thread as those who subscribe will receive content consistently aligned with the theme, yet each interview provides a different story and perspective.

Digital magazine (Coming Soon)

The Leadership Project will also distribute the interviews as feature articles for a bi monthly  digital magazine.  The platform for distribution of the magazine will be via the Apple and Android News applications.  This media and distribution channel has been selected based on the trends for mobile friendly experience for the target audience.

The digital magazine will also include additional articles on leadership, management, training, and self-development.


The internet home for The Leadership Project is leadershipproject.co where the podcast will be available for streaming, excerpts from the digital magazine will be published along with web specific content on the blog.