I started my career in hospitality, it taught me a lot about leadership - that I wasn't great at it and I was becoming increasingly jaded.  After 8 years I moved on, I took a entry level job at a small software house attached to a finance institution. From there I have built a career in IT working in different business environments from blue chip corporates to small partnership based businesses.  

All of these environments require and demonstrated different styles, levels and approaches to leadership.  To suggest that I have not experienced great leadership in my career would be an injustice to the people who have been wonderful leaders, who I was privileged to have contributed to what they were building and to have worked for.  However finding these leaders who have the intention and the influence to shift an entire company to be a great place to work for the vast majority of people who aren't 'engaged' at their work, has become a bit of a mission.

I started this project for selfish reasons, I wanted to interview connect and learn what makes these leaders who lead 'great places to work' different, identify what I could do - actionable strategies to become a better leader.  And add this calibre of leaders to my personal network, that I could call and be called upon if I could help in any way.  

As I have started this project, it has turned into an opportunity to bring others with me, to offer the discussions and learnings via podcast, digital magazine and this website.  Welcome to the journey, please participate in this with me, I hope you too get a lot out of this project.